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The species were first encountered by the USS Voyager, in the Delta Quadrant. Starfleet had learned that they seem to posses organic biomass ships, or in other words: "Living tissues". The species' fire-power is enormous, especially when form around in circle, combining their energy to a middle ship. In such case, they have enough fire-power to destroy even a star. They emit a bio-electric field that disrupts the transporter, preventing getting a lock on or near them, or scanning them (For location, inner hull, etc.). The cells of this species are densely coded and have more than one hundred times the DNA a human cell would have. They have an extraordinary immune response. Anything that enters the cell membrane are immediately destroyed. Therefore, the Borg can't assimilate them. They are highly resistant to all forms of technology. They are capable of living in the vacuum of space with no life support. They can also crawl along the hull of a starship without additional support, which makes them dangerous opponents in hand-to-hand combat.
However, a scientific force including the best of scientists such as Dr. Julian Bashir, Mr. Data, Mr. Spock and much others were able to find find a weakness spot, which is to inject a virus the their body recognize as an ansime, but after certain time it destroys the cell it self, and causes a slow, but fatal chain reaction after which the body it self dies.

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